Rapid Rehousing Learning Lab Announced

We are excited to announce an invaluable training opportunity aimed at enhancing our collective efforts in addressing homelessness within our community. The Jackson County Continuum of Care is thrilled to introduce a free Rapid Rehousing Training Program, designed to equip service providers with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively support individuals and families experiencing homelessness in accessing stable housing solutions.

This training initiative is tailored to empower participants with comprehensive insights into the principles and best practices of rapid rehousing, a crucial intervention strategy in combating homelessness. By participating in this training, you will join other local community service providers to learn new skills, practice those skills, and collaborate with community peers.

Specific Dates and Times are TBD. Once specific times and dates are determined, we
will update everyone on our list and send out registration forms. Please contact Frida
Ochoa at 541-488-1223 or by email at fochoa@accesshelps.org if interested, and we
will add you to our list.

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